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Top-Rated Criminal Appeals Barrister KC [QC] | Court of Appeal Expert

Adrian Eissa KC is one of the UK’s top-rated appeal barristers and is frequently instructed to advise on grounds of appeal – both against conviction and against sentence.

Clients wishing specialist advice as to the likely prospects of success should bear in mind the need to instruct a genuine expert. Adrian is able to identify arguable grounds of appeal which may not have been spotted by previous legal teams.

No two cases are the same. Careful consideration of the issues at trial and how they were handled is always necessary to decide on realistic prospects of success.

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Top-Rated Criminal Appeals Against Conviction & Sentence Barrister | Adrian Eissa KC

In order to mount a successful appeal against conviction, it is vital to identify the right arguments and develop them with reference to previously decided cases. It is necessary to identify a point of law which makes the conviction “unsafe”. This requires considerable skill, care and expertise.

A few examples of typical grounds of appeal are:

  • Where the trial judge fails to sum up the case to the jury properly
  • Where inadmissible evidence is wrongly placed before the jury
  • Failures in the disclosure process
  • Where new evidence has come to light since conviction

There is a 28-day limit from date of conviction. However, in appropriate cases, extensions can be requested even after the time has passed.

Best-In-Class Specialist Criminal Appeals Barrister | Adrian Eissa KC

The Court of Appeal will reduce a sentence if it is “manifestly excessive”. There are a great many principles of sentencing and these days most, (but not all), offences are governed by Sentencing Council Guidelines.

It is vital to correctly interpret these principles and apply them to the facts of the case.

Expert Criminal Appeals Barrister From Magistrates to Crown Court | Adrian Eissa KC

Appeals can be brought here as of right and will be adjudicated by hearing.

It is essential to recognise, however, that a sentence can not only be reduced, but on occasion increased, in the event that the appeal fails. Time limits also apply.

Expert Appeals against Confiscation Orders under POCA Barrister

Both defendants and other persons affected by confiscation orders may appeal against them but in order to do so, it is necessary to identify an arguable point of law. Adrian is recognised as a leader in the field of confiscation and the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Proceeds of Crime Act

Some Court of Appeal judges’ comments from Adrian’s successful appeal:

  • Clarity and focus of the submissions advanced
  • Very grateful … to Mr Eissa QC for his clear submissions
  • Indebted … both for his written submissions and also for his succinct oral submissions
  • Extremely helpful submissions
Adrian is an outstanding all-round barrister who makes persuasive arguments before the Court of Appeal. He is truly a titan at the criminal bar.

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Pragmatic and client-focused, with an enviable knowledge of confiscation law and procedure.

Legal 500

Great with clients and pure class in court.

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Contact Top-Rated Direct Access Criminal Defence Barrister | Adrian Eissa KC

If you or a loved one would like an initial conversation about your case with one of the UK’s top-rated and most experienced and successful direct access criminal defence barristers, speak to my clerk Steve.


  • Recorder of Crown Court 2012
  • Queen’s Counsel 2018


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  • Criminal Bar Association
  • Proceeds of Crime Lawyers Association
  • Standing Conference of Mediation Advocates
  • Member of the Fraud Lawyers Association
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